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Why is education important?

Apr 30 2019
Teresa Ferguson

Why is it so important to get an education or why is education important? You may have heard how this question is asked by your friends, and perhaps you yourself thought about the benefits of receiving it. This is an important question for those people who have not yet decided on their future: profession, level of desired salary, career opportunities, and so on. We will look at five reasons that will make you think about why is education important. Reason 1. People who graduated from college. According to statistical studies, people who have received a higher education, on average, receive 64% more of those who have only a school certificate, and 40% more than those who graduated from a technical college or college. Reason 2. Education expands the circle of dating. Wages are far from the only argument for the importance of education. There is a simple truth: it is important who you know and who your friends know. It’s not so important how smart and talented you are: a wide circle of acquaintances can help you take a good start in your career. Reason 3. Getting new skills will help advance the current workplace. The knowledge gained at the university can be supplemented and expanded by increasing your qualifications in this area, even if you are already employed. Getting new skills will contribute to the updating of existing information, as well as develop the capacity of memory, attention, thinking and other cognitive processes. You will not only acquire new…