Author: Teresa Ferguson

Narrative essay

May 27 2019
Teresa Ferguson

These are usually stories about an event, an interesting event, or a memory of a journey, or how you spent your vacation, or a story about what book you read, what a wonderful film you watched, what kind of person you met, or about politics, which made an indelible impression on you. They are called narrative essay. Despite the fact that a story is a narrative type of speech, we can add elements of description or even reasoning to such an essay. Getting to work on the story, you must adhere to the rules of narrative essay. 1 rule. Any event you write about in a story has a beginning, an event’s development and an end. Observe the sequence! 2 rule. Actions do not develop simultaneously, but follow one after the other. What part of speech is an action? That is right – verb. 3 rule. In the story there must be actors, they act, that is, they do something and talk! Composing a plan for narrative essay 1. Introduction, or the beginning of the story: how it all began? Where are the events taking place? When? Why? Who is the main character? The introduction prepares the reader for major events. It tells about the time, place of action, there is a familiarity with the characters. This is followed by a plot of the story. A stitch is an event from which everything starts, twists and turns. Well, if the plot will have an intriguing character. It is important for…

Personal essay

May 23 2019
Teresa Ferguson

A personal essay is usually based on personal experience through which you have grown or changed. Unlike formal writing, a personal essay does not have to prove anything. Here are some elements of personal essay: Central theme This is the main point or idea behind the narrative. The narrative may be about a unique event, but the theme is a universal truth to which anyone can relate that informs the narrative. Epiphany An epiphany is a moment of sudden realization or awareness of the truth. An “aha!” moment in the essay. A personal narrative may contain multiple epiphanies in varying degrees. Suspense Try to write in a way that keeps your reader wanting to know what will happen next. If your readers already know how everything is going to turn out in the first paragraph, why should they continue? Climax As with fiction, a personal narrative works towards a climactic event, a turning point, or moment of action to which the narrative builds. This is the highest point of tension in an essay. Sometimes the climax can also result in a moment of epiphany. Self-honesty Effective personal essays will reveal moments of vulnerability or weakness. Honesty is key, even if that honesty is revealing or a little hard to admit. Remember you’re in charge of how much you reveal, and you should not violate another person’s privacy by revealing sensitive information about him or her. Description Create the sensory images and emotions of your experience so that your reader knows…

Essay heading

May 17 2019
Teresa Ferguson

APA style uses headings to help organize papers. The headings indicate the topic of a section. Most papers only use one or two levels, but more complicated papers can use up to five levels. How many levels you use dictates the format of your headings. Subheadings must have at least one other subheading at the same level. The essay heading does not count as a level. The essay heading is centered and uses upper and lower case. It is not bold or italicized or in a larger font. Sample essay heading using three levels of division: My Bicycle Trip to Pennsylvania (title) The paper begins with an introductory paragraph, which does not need the label “Introduction.” It should inform the reader of the paper’s main objective. Preparing for the Trip (level 1, centered, bold, upper/lowercase) There were many steps I should have taken to prepare for my bicycle trip, but back in 1979 I was a free spirit and pretty much just set off on my adventure. This section will explore ways in which I was successful in preparation, as well as indicating some ways I wish I had prepared better. The subsections will go into detail. Routing the Trip (level 2, flush left,bold, upper/lowercase) This section could go on for several paragraphs, but because this is an incomplete paper, it is only two sentences. Note there is no blank line between chapter headings. Maps are helpful. (level 3, indented, bold, italicized, only first word is capitalized, ends with a…

How to end an essay?

May 15 2019
Teresa Ferguson

Psychologists say that what was said at the end of a conversation is best remembered. For educational work this is doubly true: usually the teacher carefully reads only the introduction and conclusion. Therefore, it is so important a serious attitude to how to finish an essay. Tips how end an essay Any student work - with the exception of the solution of problems involving a numerical answer - ends with a conclusion or conclusions. The conclusion in the essay is essentially similar to the conclusion in other works - for example, in the course paper or abstract: The final conclusion in the essay should be based on the facts and arguments set forth in the main part of the work, on the positions of scientists and the results of experiments considered. The final part of the essay should be consistent with the elements of expert opinion given in the text.The style of the conclusion should be consistent with the style of the entire work. If the work is written in a dry scientific style, you should not add artistic means to the conclusion, otherwise it will look like a foreign, artificially attached, and not an organic continuation. Do not reinsure yourself with the words “In my humble opinion”, “Although I am not an expert,” and the like. It looks like excuses and insecurities.The main thing is for the reader to understand that the essay is complete, a logical conclusion is present; so that there would be no feeling that the…

Why is education important?

Apr 30 2019
Teresa Ferguson

Why is it so important to get an education or why is education important? You may have heard how this question is asked by your friends, and perhaps you yourself thought about the benefits of receiving it. This is an important question for those people who have not yet decided on their future: profession, level of desired salary, career opportunities, and so on. We will look at five reasons that will make you think about why is education important. Reason 1. People who graduated from college. According to statistical studies, people who have received a higher education, on average, receive 64% more of those who have only a school certificate, and 40% more than those who graduated from a technical college or college. Reason 2. Education expands the circle of dating. Wages are far from the only argument for the importance of education. There is a simple truth: it is important who you know and who your friends know. It’s not so important how smart and talented you are: a wide circle of acquaintances can help you take a good start in your career. Reason 3. Getting new skills will help advance the current workplace. The knowledge gained at the university can be supplemented and expanded by increasing your qualifications in this area, even if you are already employed. Getting new skills will contribute to the updating of existing information, as well as develop the capacity of memory, attention, thinking and other cognitive processes. You will not only acquire new…